Pizza + Web + Marketing?

We’ve teamed up with our neighbours and good friends at Papa Cino’s Italian Restaurant to offer a different kind of incentive to get your company website or marketing activity given the once over. Free Pizza!

Here at MNM we love our traditional Italian pizza and it just so happens that Papa’s makes one of the best in Northampton so we thought why not offer this to any local business people alongside our free of charge, no obligation website or business marketing health check.

It’s nice and easy to take us up on the offer, just get in touch and let us know what it is you would like us to take a look over, it might be your company website, your Facebook business page or even how you send out your monthly newsletter. We will then take a look and evaluate it based on the latest web design and marketing theory and produce a short report with some pointers and notes on how best to optimise for maximum business performance.

Next if you’re interested in the report we produce for you we can get to the pizza! We’ll make an appointment to sit down and discuss the report in further depth over one of Papa’s finest pizza creations. Pizza is on us of course.

Pizza-Promo(This might be a little mafia style but since when did good business and good food not go together right?)



To take us up on the offer simply email ben@marketnewmedia.co.uk

or comment/tweet us. We’ll then be in touch to make the arrangements.

For more info on Papa’s visit: www.papacinos.co.uk

Note: terms and conditions do apply.

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