The Independent Map Co. Curated Quality

In our line of business we come across lots of different variations of independent business promotional tools, be it the free distributable magazines, offer/voucher booklets or local schemes aimed at gathering together a group of businesses all to promote their products and/or services in their situated business area.

Now we are seeing a new take on independent business marketing and promotions in the form of a fully curated ‘map’ of independent companies put together by The Independent Map Company (IDMCo). Continue Reading..


Pizza + Web + Marketing?

We’ve teamed up with our neighbours and good friends at Papa Cino’s Italian Restaurant to offer a different kind of incentive to get your company website or marketing activity given the once over. Free Pizza!

Here at MNM we love our traditional Italian pizza and it just so happens that Papa’s makes one of the best in Northampton so we thought why not offer this to any local business people alongside our free of charge, no obligation website or business marketing health check.

Continue Reading..


The Phone Trader – CAT B15 vs Defender

Last week Ben shot a quick video comparing two rugged smartphone models available from The Phone Trader.

Forgive the camera auto-focus noise and check out these two interesting new smartphones that can stand up to day to day use in the most extreme conditions.


The Phone Trader – RugGear RG960 Overview Video

As part of our work for client The Phone Trader we get hands on with some of the latest rugged tech, here’s a very quick video made for a new handset they have in the RugGear RG960Continue Reading..