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In our line of business we come across lots of different variations of independent business promotional tools, be it the free distributable magazines, offer/voucher booklets or local schemes aimed at gathering together a group of businesses all to promote their products and/or services in their situated business area.

Now we are seeing a new take on independent business marketing and promotions in the form of a fully curated ‘map’ of independent companies put together by The Independent Map Company (IDMCo). Their new website acts as visually enticing showcase featuring the locations of independent businesses and their services, products or venues across 11 cities Belfast, Berlin, Copenhagen, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Munich, New York, Philadelphia, Sheffield & Stockholm.

The ever-growing list of independents featured on the site is unbelievably varied in style and taste and covers so many great brands. Some of our favourites include: Ally Capellino’s East & West London Shops, Host Restaurant in Liverpool and OI POLLOI in Manchester. And these are just the ones we have visited to date.


idm-logo-smallWho are IDMCo?

Based in Liverpool the company is formed by a group of like-minded city living and city working individuals with an eye for great products, creativity and quality. This approach to presenting a collection of independent businesses really gives a fresh new approach to finding companies and products in the UK compared to the more commercially focused promotional channels that are saturated by revenue generating ad space and repetitive content.

You can follow IDM Co on Facebook and Twitter for a constant feed showcasing their curated independents.

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